Ladies, If You Don’t Know Any of These 7 Amazing Kitchen Tricks, You May Be In Trouble With Your Man

Every woman must know a few tricks like how to deal with over-salted food or how to preserve food especially fruits and vegetables and every man of means must ensure their woman has these tricks under her sleeve
How about learning a few tricks to deal with some small problems in the kitchen that will go a long in showing that you are a wife of means? Here.

1. Oversalted soup
So you have put too much salt in your soup and worried that your man will hate you for that. Just drop a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess salt. Go ahead and serve the soup with a smile.

2. Boiling eggs
Boiled eggs tend to crack during the cooking process and to avoid such a scenario, juts add a pinch of salt to prevent the shells from cracking.

3. Preserving fruits and vegetables
The best way to store citrus fruits and vegetables is to avoid putting them in the fridge. This is because the low temperatures interfere and degrade the flavour of the fruits.

4. Chopping hot pepper
Have you ever chopped hot pepper then subconsciously rubbed your eyes? It happens every time and it isn’t funny But you can avoid it by rubbing a little vegetable oil into your hands before you chop the hot vegetable. The oil absorbs the spiciness.

5. Fresh eggs, anyone?
How do you avoid cooking bad eggs for your man which could earn you trouble? If not sure how fresh eggs are, pour about four inches of water in a bowl and put the eggs. Fresh eggs sink while bad ones will float.

6. Dealing with pesky ants
They can be very irritating attacking and finding shelters inside food stuff like sugar, fat etc and worse is that they can sneak in through the tiniest cracks.
To banish them from the kitchen, find out where they are coming from and smear petroleum jelly over the hole. If they are entering under the door, simply draw a line on the floor using white chalk and they literally will not cross the line.

7. Burned rice?
Men hate burned rice and if you happen to burn your pot of rice worry not. Simply place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-1o minutes to draw out the burned flavour. Remember to remove it before you serve the food.

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