For Me It’s To Keep Going, Help Others, Drop The Album And Destroy – Davido

After the hiatus, Gbage Oshi was simply the perfect way to make a comeback. DMW boss, Davidowho is planning to drop on EP titled “ Son Of Mercy” has recently spoken to PulseTV on his long break, his EP, starting DMW and his Sony Deal.

Read the complete interview below;
We all want to know why Davidowas absent from music for nearly a year. Well here’s his response;
“Why are people saying it’s taken forever, infact, shey na only me never drop? Abeg, make them free me. I was cool, I was travelling, I doing things, I was recording, I was living life, I was in America. Its kind of was very fast for me, because I was moving so much, I was just setting up plays. I was setting up plays for the future.”

Many would say his Sony Music deal is really not treating him well after he had complained some time back but hear from OBO himself;
“I was hyped that they came to me. When they told me that this is going to happen, it’s a sacrifice that I had to make. I did so much in four years, I did a lot, every award, I have it.

You will see, I can’t explain, you gotta see the work. At least I don’t have to pay for my videos again. I’m always thinking: ‘spending $250,000 on one video, that’s what I’ll never do. That’ll just take it to another level.

I have creative control, it’s a joint thing. Most times, whatever I send them, they are ready to go.”

On his much anticipated EP “ Son Of Mercy”;

“The point of the EP is just to put out as much music as possible. Anyway I can put out music, I will do it. Before you drop albums, they allow you drop the EP, so I said ‘Yo let’s do it’. I had options to just wait, drop the single, then drop the EP. I was like ‘no let me just drop the EP’.

All of my international collaborations Usher, Future, Popcaan, Young Thug, and more are on the album. Everything is on the album. Think about it, the end of the year is here. Why release all my missiles now, and the next year everybody turns over a new leaf?
So I’m coming, doing my African thing for now, giving them the Tinashe record, so let them feel that for now, next year, just come through. That’s why I had to do this EP. I can’t do what they are doing better than them, and they can’t do what I am doing better than me. So I just have to do this EP, and drop it down.”

Speaking on his international relevance and African music;
“I think a lot of people are going to get signed, coming soon. But trust me, there’s work ahead of us. It’s like I’m starting again. That’s how it feels, that’s what they keep telling me. They say: ‘Yo David, we understand that you have this and that, and you are big. But you gotta start again.’ When they are interviewing me, they aren’t saying ‘Yo Davido’, they are asking ‘What’s your name? Explain Afrobeats to me?’. So it’s like starting again.

But it’s cool, Im just 23 years.”

DMW has a couple of acts signed to the label and Davidohad some good words in place for them;
“I needed a new space, found these new boys, and I’m like, let’s go. So far, it’s been lovely. I’m proud of them, they are doing so well.”

Not to consider him vain but the star says he is BAD!!;
“(I was successful) since last year! From last year I dey think all those ones. I bad!

For me it’s just to keep going, help other people, drop the album, destroy. I love this my African thing. I love it. I will never leave Africa for nowhere. Ever!”

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