EME Boss, Banky W Reveals Why He’s Still Single, Details Of His Ideal Woman

Popular Singer, Banky W, who has been bashed severally for remaining single, has revealed why he is still single as well as the characteristics of the woman he has wants to marry.

The popular singer, who claimed he has been quite unlucky about marriage, revealed that Nigerians are only about the wedding but do not care about the relationship of the two individual persons.

Banky W said,

”First of all, I disagree with the statement that I have been linked to a few women in the industry. one or two maybe. Two at the most. Secondly, I think that unfortunately, in Africa, we are obsessed with just marriage, we are actually more obsessed with the ceremony than with the relationship.

People just want to come to the ceremony, eat rice, take selfies and just end up on Bellnaija and lindaikeji. Nobody cares if the two people getting married are ready to get married, committed to each other and spend their lives together, and I think that this is one of the most important decision that you can make as an adult.

Something that can either make or break you. So, while all of my friends are getting married, I am very content to play my very professional groom to man/bestman role for all of them until I find the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. So, whenever that happens, I am very OK.

“I’ve just been unlucky, there has been a few times when I’ve tried but it hasn’t worked out, there have been times when I wasn’t ready, maybe the person was.

This thing is a very individual journey. It is not the easiest thing for two separate people living separate lives to be on the exact page all the time. Until You find some person and you are on the same page, that’s when you get married. I’m confident that God would provide a wife for me in the near future.

“In terms of what I look for in a woman, beauty, cos I have to be attracted to her, the love of God, the love of family, love of friends, sense of humour, some attraction to music, you don’t need to know how to cook, I’ll do the cooking and most importantly, is having a woman who has a career plan and career goals for herself that is separate from me because I think its good for myself and my partner to have our own individual goals while we challenge each other to strive for it to become better.”

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