Chris Brown Sues Omarion, Claims That He STOLE The Song ‘POST TO BE’

Chris Brownand Omarion are locked in a bitter lawsuit, over who owned the sond “ Post To Be”. According to Chris Brown’s reps, they own the song and Omarionstole it from them.

Here is how the lawsuit is being reported elsewhere:

The company explains back in 2014, the song “Came To Do” was written by multiple songwriters and featured on Chris Brown’s album ‘X’. One of the writers, Redwine, assigned 50% of the rights to the song to BMG.

Then later in the year, Omarion released his fourth studio album under Atlantic Records which included the track “Post to Be” which they say infringes on Chris Brown’s song, which they own the rights to currently.

The company accuses Omarion’s track of being identical in pitches, intervals, rhythmic durations and beat placement. Mustard produced the track released by the singer.

BMG filed suit demanding an injunction against the label and Omarion from continuing to illegally profit off their work along with accounting for the his album sales and damages up to $150k per time they infringed on “Came To Do” and no less than $300k in actual damages.

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